Swiss Army Knife - Fabrica Creative
Swiss Army Knife - Fabrica Creative
Swiss Army Knife - Fabrica Creative
Swiss Army Knife - Fabrica Creative


We can handle just about

anything. Whadya got?

Just like how a Utahn has learned to be ready for anything mother nature can throw at them, Fabrica has learned to adapt to any problem a client throws our way.

What's In Our Toolbox?


We started the agency because we believe that what companies need most is a trusted, reliable, loyal extension of their marketing department.

We believe doing good for the sake of doing good for the businesses and communities we serve is what sets us apart from other agencies in the region. We become invested with your company which holds us accountable to deliver what we say we will deliver. If looking for the top ad agencies around, look no further.

Fabrica Creative spends the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business so that the strategies and recommendations we give are based on a unique methodology developed just for you. We’ve made the shortlist of being in the top ad agencies for a reason.

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Research, strategy, and advertising with a Fabrica Creative bow on top!


The “hey everyone, come be a happy customer here” philosophy, done right.


A personal artist creating materials just for you–it’s a Christmas miracle!

Web Development

We make cool websites as unique as your business.


Don’t just hope you’re at the top, BE AT THE TOP!

Communications Management

Those crafty word magicians are synthesizing your ideas into masterpieces. Again.

Video Production

We haven’t won an Oscar…yet. But our work does speak for itself.

Social Media Engagement

Oh, they found your business through social media?  Sounds about right.

Sports Marketing

We didn’t make the team, but we sure are using them to make you succeed!


Let’s connect. Swipe right.

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