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Self Discipline: Not Just For Special Occasions

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Self discipline. Do you have it? What even is it? Plain and simple – self-discipline, is having the ability to do something you should be doing. Sounds easy enough, right? The answer is yes, but unfortunately the majority of us struggle with this on the daily.

Why? Probably because there are distractions everywhere you turn! You get on your computer to finish an important email to your boss and guess what, you remember Nike is having a sale on those shoes you want. That email can wait, right? Or your looking at your “To Do’s” list telling yourself it has to get done today and someone invites you to lunch… this list can wait a few more hours, right? How about that promise you made to yourself about going to the gym every morning at 5AM? Do you jump out of bed at the sound of your alarm or push snooze telling yourself you’ll go tomorrow? There are SO many examples of not having enough self-discipline to accomplish what you should be doing – I could go on and on. Gosh, to be honest, I’m late on writing this blog because apparently I left my self-discipline behind somewhere.

So the questions becomes, how do you become self-discipline? Well, I can tell you it’s certainty not something you wish for in your dreams and wake up the next day having it all. Having self-discipline is something you must work at every single day. Ironic right? To become self-discipline, you have to have enough discipline to work at it? Here are a few things that I try to practice to help better myself in the self-discipline area.


  1. Write it down. Have a very clear goal and jot it down on a piece of paper. And not a piece of paper that you throw in the your drawer never to be found again. Put it somewhere you will see it over and over again. A bright pink sticky note on the top of my computer works wonders for me. Because remember the saying, out of site out of mind and that’s not working towards self-discipline, people!
  2. Measure progress. It is important to have a goal and then find a way to measure your progress toward that goal. Say you want to book five new business meetings a week, how can you measure that progress? Maybe you have a large and in charge desk calendar that has each of your new business appointments in red, easy to see, easy to read. Or maybe you have a co-worker check in with you every Monday to see how many appointments you have booked for the week. Whatever it is you need to do to hold yourself accountable and to easily check your progress, do it.
  3. Don’t give up. Look, I can’t tell you how many times I have missed my 5AM workout because I pushed snooze on my alarm. I find myself waking up and feeling so much guilt because I let myself down. Instead of beating myself up, I choose to make a commitment to go right after work hours. As long as I keep my head high and continue working at it then I can let go of my anger and guilt.


Self-discipline isn’t easy but it’s something you can develop and it will help make your life smooth sailing. I’ve noticed some very positive changes in my every day life. I have had a decrease in anxiety, I’ve become more resilient, and most importantly I am happy. Mike, our amazing creative director said it best “self-discipline isn’t just for a special occasion.” So, let’s hold ourselves accountable and work on this together every single day.

Sports Radio

The Challenge of Sports Radio

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I have spent 8 years in the Sports Radio business for the local ESPN Radio affiliate in Salt Lake City.  Throughout that time, I have done multiple jobs in the industry.  I was a remote tech, I was the Promotions Director, I was running shows at night as a part-time producer, to finishing my tenure as an executive producer for the midday show that ran every weekday.  A lot of people have asked me, what being a producer is like.  That is what this article is about.


Advertisers are the most important element to your success. They are the way that you make your money in sports radio.   But it is your job to provide the best content for the listener to visit your station and get the word out about your advertisers.


Sports Radio is a whole different beast compared to FM or music stations.  A producer in a smaller market like Salt Lake City is different to bigger markets like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles.  In those bigger markets, each show will have multiple producers.  In Salt Lake, Sports Radio shows only have one producer to do a lot of things.  You book the guests that will come on the show each day.  You have to figure out which topics that are appropriate at the time to have a certain guest on whether it is discussing NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football, etc.  That is more challenging as you get into the summer months because not a ton is going on.  The fall is very easy because you have so many things going on.  At least in Salt Lake City with College Football, NBA and MLS going on.  You also have to book guests that would fit the personality of your host.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect match but enough that you feel that your host can connect with the guest to provide the best content and information for your listener.


Answering phones from listeners is a job duty that can be fun and also frustrating.  You try to interact with your listeners by giving them topics to call in to talk about or to interact via social media and other avenues.  But you will also get angry phone calls from the listeners because of a “hot take” that the host might say or if you recently changed your station lineup, the producers get the heat from that.  But the main reason why you are on the air is because of the listeners.


Another job duty that is important for a producer is to keep up with the latest news in the sports world.  The producer must gather the information to relay to the host.  When the host is on the air, they can’t be doing multiple things while giving their thoughts on the air and running the show.


A little side topic is that a lot of people have asked me, what was the biggest guests I have ever booked.  I have been fortunate enough to book some big names in my time.  I would say that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is my biggest guest that I have ever booked.  I have also booked Chuck Norris, Jeff Van Gundy, Desmond Howard and many more. Other duties included editing the interviews to post on the website, making sure the host takes commercial breaks and that the proper commercials are playing.



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Regardless, the Jazz Had a Successful Season

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In May 2017, the Utah Jazz were just coming off a 4-game series sweep to the soon-to-be NBA Champion, Golden State Warriors. That was after the Utah franchise beat the Los Angeles Clippers in 7 games in the first round of the playoffs (their first appearance in 5 years). Now all of the focus was on all-star Gordon Hayward and if he would stay with the team. Fans found out on the 4thof the July that he was heading out to Boston to join his former college coach with the Celtics. With the delayed answer, the Jazz front office was left scrambling to salvage the damage that Hayward left the state of Utah.

Once the NBA draft came around, a lot of scouts and executives didn’t see any “Franchise” players that could come in and make a difference from day one. Then the Jazz traded their 24thpick in the first round to Denver for the 13thpick. The Nuggets (via the Jazz) selected guard Donovan Mitchell from Louisville. Not a lot of fans in the state were familiar with his game. The main thing that stood out was his defense, a rare thing to find in a rookie. A few weeks after the draft, the fans were treated to Donovan Mitchell’s impressive Summer League play. At the start of the season, Mitchell came in, took over, and didn’t stop. He broke many NBA rookie records as well as Jazz records–actually too many to name. The Jazz were bit by the injury bug and lost star center Rudy Gobert for two different stretches of the season.

By January 22nd, the Jazz had a 19-28 record and all hope was lost among the fanbase. Then came a bitter defeat to the Atlanta Hawks, whom had one of the worst records in the NBA. The Jazz had one streak of 11 games without a loss and another 9-game winning streak. They made themselves one of the hottest teams in the NBA and launched themselves in the 5thspot in the western conference. They finished the season 29-6 and an overall record of 48-34.

All of a sudden the Jazz had three members of their team nominated as finalists for end of season awards:

  1. Quin Snyder for Coach of the year
  2. Rudy Gobert for Defensive Player of the year
  3. Donovan Mitchell for Rookie of the year.

Regardless of what happens in this year’s playoffs, Jazz fans should be extremely excited for the future because of how young the team is and the bright future of Gobert and Mitchell. Come on, Mitchell is already averaging over 20 points per game in his first season! He and Rudy Gobert could become the next great duo that could go down in history as one of the greats. This tandem could keep the Jazz in the playoffs for many years to come just like the good ol’ days.

Find Good - Heart

Find the Good

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We live in a world driven by technology. It’s a wonderful time to be alive with the advancements made every day and opportunities available within arm’s reach. There is a hefty price to pay for that level of tech. There is so much information out there that can be accessed within just a few clicks of a button. Every day it amazes me how far we’ve come.

What’s the price for all of this? The price is the level of negativity spread on the daily. I refuse to watch or read the news because it is filled with stories of fear and terrible acts of violence occurring much too often. It makes me sad to hear that the ratings climb and climb the more crime they report on. It is easy to get an emotional response from something negative. The driving force here being higher ratings. I dare you to disagree that rating spikes can come from acts of kindness.

I have always thought that you are what you eat. That’s cliché, however, it is so much more than the initial sentiment. You are what you look for, you are what you think,  you are what surrounds you, etc.

It’s commonplace now to share, like, tweet, and tag negativity. Terrible stories happening thousands of miles away become a topic of discussion. Why? We have an opportunity every day to contribute to this game of life. Is it more valuable to contribute any way other than positively? I can promise you, there is so much good in the world! At the very least, there is the same amount of good as there is bad. You can make a choice as easy as what you’ll have for breakfast. Look for something good because–I promise–it’s out there. Share the good because we all need it. I challenge you to spend a day looking for nothing but positivity and acts of kindness. The mental commitment will start you off right. You will be amazed at how many positive, good, and humbling stories are happening all around you.

Why have we become so numb to this? Why has social media created such a large platform for negativity? Why have the media outlets made such an effort to broadcast garbage a majority of the time?

Open your heart. Tune out the false influence that says this world is so bad. It is not as bad as they portray. Now that you’re here, make a choice. Do you choose to let it be? Do you continue contributing to the negativity? Do you want joy and happiness? Do you want to be the difference? Set the standard and choose to seek good!

The follow through, on really making a dent for the better in your personal life, is to DO GOOD. Always look for the good and when able, be the good and good will find you. I promise you, there will be amazing results that will manifest when living a lifestyle centered around the good in our life.

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Difficult Clients

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Every type of business is bound to have difficult clients. You know, the one that is over the top hard to please, the one that always seems to have a problem or even the one that takes up so much of your day making it hard to turn your time over to your other fifty clients. How do you deal with these difficult individuals? Over the years, I have had plenty of experience with this exact thing and I am always learning new ways to navigate through these tough scenarios. Here are a few practices that I try to incorporate into my daily life, both in and out of the office.


  1. Practice empathy!As defined by New Oxford American Dictionary, empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” Now I will not lie to you, this is an EXTREMELY difficult thing to do. However, I have found it one of the most helpful tactics to dealing with those difficult clients. When I put myself in their shoes and see things through a different lens, it helps me respond to the client in a way that will resonate with them. It is important to note that having empathy does not mean that you will not disagree with the person, it is just trying to understand why they are feeling the way they do. Using empathy really opens my eyes and makes me want to put my own views aside to get the problem fixed. After all, our brains are all wired differently and we are not always going to see eye-to-eye.


  1. Breaking ONE large problem into a few SMALL problems.Occasionally, I will have a client come to me with a BIG problem. It is easy to see that one problem as a whole and want to take off running in the opposite direction. Instead, I have found that most “big” problems can be broken down into several smaller problems, making it much easier to deal with the issues at hand. If I break it up into smaller bits and solve one at a time, it makes it 100% more manageable for me; while also showing the client that the appropriate steps were being taken to get the issue resolved.


  1. Remember, the client is alwayssss right (even when they’re not).Yup, also not the easiest practice at first, but having this mentality from the beginning will ultimately result in happy clients! I find it helpful to approach each situation as if it is my first encounter with the person. That way there are not any pre-judgments or past grudges hanging around. After dealing with a difficult client numerous times, it is easy to automatically believe that they will always be difficult. I have learned that is not necessarily true. Looking back, some of my most difficult clients have turned into my easiest clients. I think this has a lot to do with implementing the practices outlined above.


At the end of the day, I just want to be the best account manager for ALL of my clients. Every day my clients are teaching and challenging me in some way or another. And I love the challenges, I am becoming a better person because of it!

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Working with Creatives

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Are you starting your own company? Are you anticipating explosive growth right away? Do you need help attracting people to your products or services? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then have I got something for you. We are going to discuss how one important component can lead to the success of your business. When it comes to choosing and creating a brand, the first thing that you need to take into consideration is graphic design.


Graphic design covers typography, user experience, web design, and illustration (i.e visual communication). Simply put–it’s organizing information visually. Some experts claim that the history of graphic design can be traced back to the illuminated manuscripts in the Middle Ages. In the past, the government officials used a road banner to announce the name of the people who were in government positions for the cities or states. Because of these signs, the individuals were more informed about the political authorities governing the place.

Nowadays, graphic design is used by different businesses in many different ways. Almost all companies are now exploring the use of illustrations and other visuals for their branding. They are implementing the visuals across print and digital, from social media to marketing to advertising.

Importance of Graphic Design

Graphic design is literally everywhere. Without it, small and large companies alike would find it difficult to share their brand. Below are the top reasons why design is significant to all industries:

  1. It promotes a new business. If you are still new in the business world, then graphic design is something that you need to take seriously. Make an announcement to the public that your company has opened up, launch your product, or build a web presence. Utah is known for its support for entrepreneurship and small businesses, so you’re planting in fertile soil.
  2. It helps you advertise about the latest promos of the company.
  3. It allows customers to feel more connected to the business. The goal of every company is to connect to its target market easily. With graphic design, this can be easy to achieve. If you know whatyour demographic wants to see, we can show you howto present and implement it. When clients like what they see, they will patronize your products and services more.
  4. It enables you to present your company to everyone. This is probably the best advantage that you can get out of good design. It can be difficult for you to make your company stand out. One great way to do it is to create a logo that will really represent your business.

Things to Look For In Every Graphic Designer

Now that you have seen a few of the benefits of graphic design, the next thing to think about is the level of the professional who will handle your design needs. What are the characteristics that every agency or graphic designer must possess? These are some things we have learned over the years:

  • Communication. This is the first item on the list because failure in communication is the root of all evil (isn’t that how the phrase goes?). You need to find an agency who listens carefully to all your instructions. It is important that both parties maintain good communication with each other to avoid any issues that may come up. It’s always better to over-communicate than to under-communicate; don’t assume you’ve been clear.
  • Creativity. One of the most important skills of a designer is their creativity. They must be able to make designs come to life. They have to possess a skill in transforming the clients’ wants into communicable visuals.
  • Keen to Details. It can be frustrating to work with a agency and designer who does not listen to your requests. This can be rolled back into Communication.
  • Meets Deadlines. Another important qualification of every person is the ability to meet deadlines. In the marketing world, timelines are crucial for every business. Delays can lead to a loss in sales or lower profits. Because of this, it is necessary to see to it that deadlines are met ON BOTH SIDES.
  • Knowledge of Design Software. The graphic designer must not only have artistic skills or creativity. They should also be knowledgeable when it comes to creating designs by means of the industry standard programs–not for sake of posterity but for output’s sake. Building a catalog in Photoshop would be a nightmare compared to designing in InDesign. In this age of tech, almost everything is generated via computers.

Types of Graphic Design

Graphic design comes in many different forms. Below is just a handful of different types of design.

  1. Corporate Design
  2. Publishing
  3. Package Design
  4. Web Design
  5. Wayfinding/Signage/Environmental
  6. UX/UI/Product Design

Indeed, graphic design has become a necessity in almost all areas of business. As such, you have to make sure that your company is using it. Otherwise, your competitors will leave you in the dust. Employing an agency may be expensive for your firm but it will be worth it. It’s an investment and you can expect higher returns from it.

Gradients - Blog

Blending the Past into the Present

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From pushing paint around in the background of a masterpiece one color to another, a screened-image print of tiny dots to create the illusion of blended color, to the innovation of digital desktop publishing, gradients have been around for longer than you might think. However, it is a design trend that is making a strong comeback in 2018. Don’t mistake this for a new trend. In both digital and print, gradients have been around for some time. With the strong, flat color being a design mainstay for a while now, some designers are switching back to incorporating gradients in new and exciting ways.


Simple can make a big statement–using colors that compliment a brand or image, using a flat color can add a bold look, using two-tones is popular too. You can even set a mood with the colors you choose. This is great when overlaid on a photo (seen a lot these days), or used to fill typography to make it be noticed on a dark background. While I am a big proponent (and fan) of clean, open design, gradient color can take a design to the next level.

Gradient with Photo

Too much or just enough? Just like candy, gradients can be sweet. Too much and both your stomach and eyes are going to ache. Is one gradient not enough? Two can work together great! Three, four or more…be careful overdoing it. This color effect can work against itself when too many gradients are all used together.

Multiple Gradients

Look for designs around you that utilize gradients. It can be a really great effect, just look and you will find many examples on the internet–in apps and all over social media. Many icons are being gradated from their once flat color designs. Often times in several different color variations. Once you recognize it, you will see gradients used everywhere.

Logos Using Gradients

Take a risk and go bold! Sometimes you must throw the can of paint at the wall and watch it spatter all over. While it may be messy, the end result may be amazing. If you want a design to get noticed, imitating what you have seen will point you in a direction, however, until you pop out and break that boundary you will remain part of the crowd.

I have to admit that gradients are by no means my favorite. I have seen many examples where it was a poor choice. However, I don’t count it out in my design toolbox and have made some designs shine when I figure out just the right colors and how to disperse them with precision. Many amazing things can be achieved with color, so give gradients a go.

Loving Your Path - Blog

Loving Your Path

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I remember being in high school hearing adults go on and on about living our dreams and that we can be anything we want to be. I always thought that was a strange thing to say. Especially coming from a Vice Principal. Is that what her dream was? Maybe. But let’s be honest though…that’s a lie. At times, I wanted to be taller and bigger, heck, I thought about being a bird so I could fly many times but it’s just not going to happen. What they should say is, “You can be anything you’re good at!”

School should be about exploring your interests and talents. Try everything once while you have the time. Life happens quick and many find themselves lost after high school. So what do you do? Follow what you’re told by the masses? Go to college and get a degree in something, anything. It doesn’t matter what degree because just having the paper is powerful. I disagree. Knowledge is power. Knowing yourself and enjoying what you do is powerful (it doesn’t hurt to know someone powerful too).

Honestly, I have tried so many different jobs and vocations. I started working at 15 for the city recreation. We would referee games, prepare fields, coach, set up tournaments and so on. I loved it. I learned the value of hard work in the 16 hour days I gave. Eventually, I didn’t love it so I moved on. I tried phone sales, laying tile, tossing pizzas, painting homes and offices, airless painting, steel manufacturing where I learned welding, plasma cutting, sheet metal work, and forklift driving. I’ve done car sales, luxury auto detailing, created a business idea and let it go only to watch it grow. I’ve worked at repair shops where I learned how to do repairs on cars, I went to cosmetology school and became a Master Barber. There were so many experiences that my parents or grandparents never got to do.

Some may think this was a waste of time. To them I say, read on. Are you happy in your chosen career? Do you love it? Most people cannot answer this with a simple, honest yes. What I learned by trying so many paths was what I enjoyed and what I didn’t enjoy. This allowed me to seek out careers that fell in line with what made me happy. I found that I need three things in a job to be happy–I need minimal repetition (an ever-changing environment), I need human interaction (not the same people but different people as often as possible), and lastly, I need to use my hands to make something creatively. How many of you can provide a short list of needs that make you happy? Even better, how many of you have that in your current career?

Loving what I do goes beyond the ability to say it proudly. It gives me a sense of purpose. It keeps me happy so that when I’m home, I am present. Not stressed or concerned about all the issues I have with my job. I can be a dad and give my little one the love and attention she deserves. I can be a husband who is available and committed to the needs of my wife. I get to enjoy every day because I have found what I love. Not what is needed to make it in life.

McCrae Williams - Brett Wilhelm/ESPN

Aspire to Inspire

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Do you ever wonder what drives people to aim to become the greatest at something? Do you ever wonder how or why they found a passion so deep that they are willing to grind day-in and day-out to be the VERY best at that particular thing? It could be a sport, a job, being a student, an artistic hobby, and so many others. Where do people find this willpower?

I think it’s fair to say that many people stroll through life living in a meritocracy, myself included! Waking up and repeating the same routine day in and day out, without a single thought. Now I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, in fact, I find it quite nice living a comfortable life. I feel secure and at ease, because generally speaking, I know what to expect each day. But lately, the thought of greatness and the uncertainty that comes along with it has been weighing heavy on my mind.

I recently booked a trip to Aspen, Colorado to watch my friend compete in the X-Games. A few days before the trip, he found out he made the 2018 Olympic Free-Style Ski team. Making the Olympic team has been a dream of his since he was just a youngster and his dream had finally come true. Making it this far has not been an easy feat–he has been grinding his entire life and he is so very deserving of this opportunity. I was pumped to travel to Aspen to watch his last competition before he headed off to the big stage.

McCrae Williams - Brett Wilhelm/ESPN

Photo Credit: Brett Wilhelm/ESPN


Unfortunately, he got injured in practice run and opted out of the X-Games competition in order to be healed in time for the Olympics. It was bummer not to watch him compete, but between his physical therapy, fancy press conference, and Olympic photoshoots, we got to have a drink with him. When I saw him walking towards us, I felt completely overwhelmed with emotion. The waterworks immediately turned on and I had gator tears rolling off my cheeks. The entire time we sat at the table with him, I was just in awe. I couldn’t figure out where the emotions were coming from. A lot of it was just pure happiness for him but I’m now realizing there was something inside of me aching to be great.

He doesn’t know it, but he inspired me that day. I’ve been mediocre in just about every aspect of my life lately. Seeing him and his sheer happiness knowing that he finally made it among the best skiers on earth lit a fire under my butt to really go out into the world and try to find my passion and purpose in life. I’m nowhere near having the answers to how I’m going to change my mediocre life into an extraordinary life, but I know we are all capable of greatness and I’m going to try like hell to find my niche.

I’m not saying we all need to throw ourselves off of thirty-foot kickers (while doing 8 rotations) before we land just in time to hit the next one. But, I do believe deep down every human has a desire to be the very best at something. It’s just finding out how to dig deep enough into ourselves to bring that aspiration to light that’s the hard part.

To be continued…

Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl Sunday, A National Holiday

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This year, millions will be watching the Super Bowl, just like many years past, although, this year, it’s not a battle of the titans, and we aren’t talking about the Tennessee Titans either, the Patriots made sure of that. This year is a battle of one titan and a true Cinderella story, the Philadelphia Eagles. Suffering a major loss right before the playoffs losing their star quarterback, Carson Wentz, the Eagles dream season of being a number one seed team going into the playoffs and eventually into the Super Bowl was looking bleak. Nick Foles, who had been traded by the Eagles after an amazing season back in 2015, was then reacquired this year in 2017 as a backup to Wentz and had something to prove.

The Eagles shocked the world in their first playoff game with a stunning win against a veteran and experienced Atlanta Falcons. This was shocking, considering they had been shut out by the Cowboys on the last game of the season. Many people believed that Nick Foles wouldn’t be able to get the job done. This game was written off by the world as a fluke and that it wasn’t Foles who had won the game, but the Eagles stifling defense. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings, who had been steamrolling through teams, was the obvious pick for many people when they played the Eagles in the next round in the NFC Championship.

Those who watched that game saw something miraculous happen. After a quick drive by the Minnesota Vikings and a great defensive stand against the Eagles making it 7-0, many thought, “Here it goes, the Vikings are going to just keep scoring and keep the Eagles out of the end zone.” The next throw, Case Keenum throws an interception that went back for a touchdown and the Eagles tied the game 7-7. The Vikings get the ball back and the Eagles make yet another great defensive showing and get the ball right back to Nick Foles.

This was the moment that you saw greatness from a true underdog– a moment that is hardly witnessed in the NFL. Nick Foles put on a clinic. He proceeded to make the Viking’s #1 defense look like a junior varsity team and put up 352 yards with 3 TDs, delivering pinpoint passes with ease and leading the Eagles to a 38-7 blowout victory sending them to the Super Bowl for the first time since the 2004 season. The same Super Bowl where the Eagles lost by just 3 points against the same titan, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.


Super Bowl - Infographic

Click the snippet to see the whole infographic


When Super Bowl LII kicks off on Sunday, February 4, more than a hundred million Americans will be watching. Can Tom Brady carry his Patriots to yet another victory or will the Philadelphia Eagles finally get their hands on the Lombardi Trophy? As the following infographic nicely illustrates, it is not only the biggest game of the year but also a, albeit unofficial, national holiday. With a record-breaking average TV audience of 114.4 million viewers in 2015, you can understand why the Super Bowl generates millions of dollars in advertising for both the NFL and the local affiliates who carry it. An average 30-second ad during the Super Bowl broadcast national cost an estimated 5 million US dollars in 2017.

The majority of consumers regard Super Bowl commercials as entertainment and about a quarter of respondents also said that these commercials make them aware of the advertisers’ brands according to a 2017 survey. Let Fabrica Creative create a strategy to increase your brand’s awareness and get more customers in the door!