Telling a Story: Creativity, Engagement, and Your Brand

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At Fabrica Creative, we specialize in storytelling. It’s something that we do as humans, and it can be traced back thousands of years to ancestors who don’t even share the same species classification as us. To say that storytelling is something special is underselling it. Storytelling is, inherently and uniquely, human, and it is something that not only helps us understand our reality but shapes it as well.

How We Tell Stories

We all tell stories in different ways and at different rates, but none of us never tell stories (double negative — we know — but it’s the only way to say it). Whether you’re out with a friend, telling them about your most recent adventure or with coworkers chatting about your weekend, stories become integrated into the way that we associate with people and build the narrative of our own lives.

We often think of comedians when we think of master storytellers. Sure, Chris D’Elia is no James Joyce, but for quick, witty, punchy storytelling, guys like Chris are in the storytelling masterclass. They set up the plot, encourage the listener to engage, and then deliver the punchline. Often, people like Chris arc back to previous jokes or lines that hit home with a specific audience and use them to enhance their current anecdote. We aim to do the same thing with your brand.

Telling Your Story

Now, telling the story of your brand is significantly different than delivering a funny joke on stage at The Laugh Factory. Your language is different, your message is vastly dissimilar, and your business is nuanced. But the one thing that you have in common with Mr. D’Elia — possibly the most important thing — is engaging your audience.

This engagement can grow your business, entice new or prospective customers, and expand your reach as a company with a message to share.

Sharing With You

Recognizing how you can position your brand to have a story that reaches can take time, but at Fabrica Creative, we have work and success stories that say it all. Not only do we take the time to get to know our clients and their dreams, but we also become invested in sharing their voice as accurately and engagingly as possible. The words that we write and the stories that we share are authentic, and they stay true to who you are and how you want to be portrayed.

Let us tell your story online. Starting is simple: Call us or fill out our contact form. We’ll begin sharing your vision today.

Expectation vs. Reality: How Honesty and Accurate Representation Build Powerful and Effectual Brands

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where reality didn’t meet your expectations? Maybe you visited a boring theme park that a friend had talked up, or maybe you went to an ice cream shop that didn’t have any flavors you like. In these situations, you, most likely, expected to enjoy yourself but, in reality, didn’t have fun at all. This is the expectation and reality disconnect.

Avoiding the Disconnect in Your Business

At Fabrica Creative, when we tell your brand’s story, we are mindful of the expectation and reality disconnect as it applies to your business. Our goal is to ensure that your brand relays the right messaging so that your customer sees your brand and knows exactly what you offer. We want them to feel confident with the goods or services that you supply — that’s why our work and recommendations are honest and accurate with powerful research to back them up. It’s part of our “Do Good for the Sake of Doing Good” we offer all of our client partners.

We promise to rail against misrepresentation and unguided portrayal of your brand.

Taking a Page Out of Their Books

At Fabrica Creative, we try to learn from what the best brands are doing. Take The Boring Company, for instance — Elon Musk’s subsidiary of SpaceX, known most commonly for the construction of the transportation tunnels that are meant to alleviate major traffic issues in Los Angeles and other areas in the United States. I bet you didn’t know, however, that this company also launched a product  “not a flamethrower” — that sold twenty thousand units!

Musk appeared on the Joe Rogan show and was honest with the audience about the realization of the flamethrower, stating,  that it was purely a roofing torch attached to a plastic air rifle casing. But because of that honesty… guess what?! People still bought it.

While you could attribute this success to Musk’s fame associated with any one of his ventures, like SpaceX or Tesla, we see this as a moment where Musk’s honesty left customers with an accurate expectation. An expectation that allowed the consumer to not be let down by the reality when their $500 flamethrower arrived to their house built from materials they could’ve put together themselves for much less.

An Honest Representation of Your Reality

If  you want to create expectations for your audience that match reality, Fabrica Creative is here to help you tell your brand’s story in a way that is honest, compelling, and, most importantly, allows your customers to really understand your business with the proper expectations. In a world overwhelmed with opinions, reviews and information, understanding the “expectations and reality disconnect” will allow your company to move into the future in confidence. For more information, call us today (801) 214-2104.

Fabrica Blog Out of the box

“Looking” outside the box

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We are often told to “think outside the box.” This is not an unfamiliar phrase. And it is used so much the meaning has become less impactful in society. “Looking outside the box” is a way of thinking or getting outside the norm (aka “the box”). It can be both a scary and difficult concept to perform. It is a task I am personally faced with each day in an attempt to being creative. Even after a long time, it is still not always a so simple task.


Practice looking “outside the box.” Yes, practice it. Don’t just expect it to happen, its not magic.  Start by acknowledging that there is all sorts of ideas out there yet to be thought up or created.  Can you look at or visualize something normal, in an abnormal way? I wonder what the picture hanging on the wall would look like upside down. What if the tree outside the front door had fuchsia pink leaves instead of the normal green ones. Not too hard, right? What if the doorbell rings, it is answered and there is a unicorn dressed as mail carrier delivering your box from Amazon? Now you are putting a twist on an experience, even without reason for a unicorn delivery.


That “out of the box” But that simple concept engages and develops a story in the mind of the beholder. From a philological standpoint, the element that doesn’t fit engages the brain to say: “Huh? What is going on!” It causes a unique memory formation because it is not the normal is comparison to all the other memories floating around in the brain. This is a great thing if you are in marketing or advertising because you can form a memory in a potential customers brain and with any luck hook some branding along with it too. And that is something any marketer can get behind.


An example I am seeing this occur in is pre-roll video. (If you don’t know what I am talking about, picture the 6-15 second video that plays and doesn’t have a “skip ad” button on it when you want to watch something on YouTube.) Not much time to tell or sell you on a product or service in 6-seconds. However, with a bold, odd, shocking, or memorable off-the-wall happing followed by your branding or logo can assist in someone possibly remembering your brand without even getting to the point of what it is or does, or what is being sold.


I have recently witnessed a campaign using exactly this. Using images of things happening a customer should avoid or not do, in a funny laughable way. This tongue-in-cheek humor is a break from what they usually do, and it hooks the mind into thinking about the imagery ending with their standard branding. It is being used on billboards (and short TV spot), I found it to be quite effective (it snagged me while driving!) And it all has nothing to do with what they sell, but engaged me as a viewer/consumer into remembering their “outside-the-box” messaging.

Fabrica Creative

Images In Design

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While a picture can be “worth a thousand words,” using a picture in a creative way will have a memorable impact on a viewer.  In market branding you want customers to remember or be impacted by what you are showing them. Have you ever seen an advertisement with someone in peak physical condition, rippling muscles and perspiration running down their face, then the logo for a gym? Choosing that type of imagery can help convey two things: The story of someone looking great because of the exercises they are doing (and how you could be just like that), and that this Gym is the place to become a “Greek god,” or a place for the strong and fit. Now will that be the case when you show up to that gym? Probably not. It gives a perception of inspiration for a business.  Which can be a powerful motivator to entice a customer to give it a try. That is the whole point of advertising, and can show you how a powerful image can get results.


Fabrica Creative

Taking the right photo or selecting the “right” image is the place to start. If you have the opportunity to have an idea from creative minds before you start, you can get the image you need and make life much easier! If you have a plan of the typography you need to contain before getting your image, the right outcome is more likely to happen. Powerful images are a great marketing tool for print, web, and social media. Grab your photo taking device and give taking planned images a try for your next product shoot, promotion or event, try to image how the image you are taking could be used to create something.


The interaction of typography and images can sometimes be a challenge. Other times an impossibility. Adding these two powerful elements together can make a POWERFUL attention-grabbing interaction. This is where one of those “planned” images can be really helpful. In the hierarchy of design elements, images and large type are at the top! Designing with both can be like a one-two punch. Creating cool designs where they both interact will make someone stop, look, and then look again.


Fabrica Creative



Using a complex shape filled with an image is current trend that is going nowhere. It creates another level of engagement. A complex shape examples can be: a silhouette, typography (Single letter, a number or a word), a logo, an octopus or something that is not a plain box or rectangle. The eye will interact with the complex shape. If it is type, you will read it, if it is a silhouette shape of a bird your brain will recognize it. It brings a level of engagement into the equation an image will not by itself. While the use of a complex shape can’t solve every design challenge it can be a great tool to keep in your box for just the right occasions.

Fabrica Creative

Next time you have need to use an image in your campaign, think outside the box (shape) and do something amazing!

Fabrica Creative

Self Discipline: Not Just For Special Occasions

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Self discipline. Do you have it? What even is it? Plain and simple – self-discipline, is having the ability to do something you should be doing. Sounds easy enough, right? The answer is yes, but unfortunately the majority of us struggle with this on the daily.

Why? Probably because there are distractions everywhere you turn! You get on your computer to finish an important email to your boss and guess what, you remember Nike is having a sale on those shoes you want. That email can wait, right? Or your looking at your “To Do’s” list telling yourself it has to get done today and someone invites you to lunch… this list can wait a few more hours, right? How about that promise you made to yourself about going to the gym every morning at 5AM? Do you jump out of bed at the sound of your alarm or push snooze telling yourself you’ll go tomorrow? There are SO many examples of not having enough self-discipline to accomplish what you should be doing – I could go on and on. Gosh, to be honest, I’m late on writing this blog because apparently I left my self-discipline behind somewhere.

So the questions becomes, how do you become self-discipline? Well, I can tell you it’s certainty not something you wish for in your dreams and wake up the next day having it all. Having self-discipline is something you must work at every single day. Ironic right? To become self-discipline, you have to have enough discipline to work at it? Here are a few things that I try to practice to help better myself in the self-discipline area.


  1. Write it down. Have a very clear goal and jot it down on a piece of paper. And not a piece of paper that you throw in the your drawer never to be found again. Put it somewhere you will see it over and over again. A bright pink sticky note on the top of my computer works wonders for me. Because remember the saying, out of site out of mind and that’s not working towards self-discipline, people!
  2. Measure progress. It is important to have a goal and then find a way to measure your progress toward that goal. Say you want to book five new business meetings a week, how can you measure that progress? Maybe you have a large and in charge desk calendar that has each of your new business appointments in red, easy to see, easy to read. Or maybe you have a co-worker check in with you every Monday to see how many appointments you have booked for the week. Whatever it is you need to do to hold yourself accountable and to easily check your progress, do it.
  3. Don’t give up. Look, I can’t tell you how many times I have missed my 5AM workout because I pushed snooze on my alarm. I find myself waking up and feeling so much guilt because I let myself down. Instead of beating myself up, I choose to make a commitment to go right after work hours. As long as I keep my head high and continue working at it then I can let go of my anger and guilt.


Self-discipline isn’t easy but it’s something you can develop and it will help make your life smooth sailing. I’ve noticed some very positive changes in my every day life. I have had a decrease in anxiety, I’ve become more resilient, and most importantly I am happy. Mike, our amazing creative director said it best “self-discipline isn’t just for a special occasion.” So, let’s hold ourselves accountable and work on this together every single day.

Sports Radio

The Challenge of Sports Radio

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I have spent 8 years in the Sports Radio business for the local ESPN Radio affiliate in Salt Lake City.  Throughout that time, I have done multiple jobs in the industry.  I was a remote tech, I was the Promotions Director, I was running shows at night as a part-time producer, to finishing my tenure as an executive producer for the midday show that ran every weekday.  A lot of people have asked me, what being a producer is like.  That is what this article is about.


Advertisers are the most important element to your success. They are the way that you make your money in sports radio.   But it is your job to provide the best content for the listener to visit your station and get the word out about your advertisers.


Sports Radio is a whole different beast compared to FM or music stations.  A producer in a smaller market like Salt Lake City is different to bigger markets like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles.  In those bigger markets, each show will have multiple producers.  In Salt Lake, Sports Radio shows only have one producer to do a lot of things.  You book the guests that will come on the show each day.  You have to figure out which topics that are appropriate at the time to have a certain guest on whether it is discussing NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football, etc.  That is more challenging as you get into the summer months because not a ton is going on.  The fall is very easy because you have so many things going on.  At least in Salt Lake City with College Football, NBA and MLS going on.  You also have to book guests that would fit the personality of your host.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect match but enough that you feel that your host can connect with the guest to provide the best content and information for your listener.


Answering phones from listeners is a job duty that can be fun and also frustrating.  You try to interact with your listeners by giving them topics to call in to talk about or to interact via social media and other avenues.  But you will also get angry phone calls from the listeners because of a “hot take” that the host might say or if you recently changed your station lineup, the producers get the heat from that.  But the main reason why you are on the air is because of the listeners.


Another job duty that is important for a producer is to keep up with the latest news in the sports world.  The producer must gather the information to relay to the host.  When the host is on the air, they can’t be doing multiple things while giving their thoughts on the air and running the show.


A little side topic is that a lot of people have asked me, what was the biggest guests I have ever booked.  I have been fortunate enough to book some big names in my time.  I would say that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is my biggest guest that I have ever booked.  I have also booked Chuck Norris, Jeff Van Gundy, Desmond Howard and many more. Other duties included editing the interviews to post on the website, making sure the host takes commercial breaks and that the proper commercials are playing.



Season of Design - Blog

Changing Design with the Season

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One tradition I learned from Japanese culture is a custom to change elements of a house with the changing of the seasons. The change of decor would also represent the time of the year accordingly. I was told it was a way to refresh and stimulate mind as well as reflect upon and appreciate the world around you. In the industry of design and advertising, this basic concept can also benefit your brand and stimulate potential customers from brand name boredom. This is often done in conjunction with holidays, and can give little boost thought the year by changing things up.


However, like most things, don’t go overboard. In many cases a little can be all you need. Too much can become “tacky” or worse. Here are a few things to watch for or consider with seasonal brand design changes:


What is the purpose for your change? General awareness? New product? Special sale event? Why are you are changing your colors or promotion? This very simple guideline can lead you in making appropriate decisions, and coming up with the most impactful ideas for


Don’t be afraid to change something. A different color to match the time of year or holiday? With summer coming up one suggestion might be to use brighter colors like yellow, blue and greens. Can your imagery be swapped out for a time to create a new “blip” on your publics radar? Changes can be scary. The unknown is not always the place we naturally want to head towards. Remember however, change is how trends are made and all the new stuff you are astounded by was a direct result of someone intentionally making a change.


Stay true to your brand. It can be easy to go overboard sometimes and make some intense changes. Remember who you are and what your brad stands for. You want your brand to stay on message no matter what the occasion.


Emotional connection. Can what you do create that feeling or engage an emotion in someone to connect with your message. A beautiful photo of a mountain landscape invokes memories of camping in the summer? Perfect! If the product has to do with summer and you can incorporate the essence of a heatwave trough the typography and colors chosen? Gold star for you! Be creative in your choices, hooks to both past and present, imagery that takes you away to that favorite vacation can bring that powerful connection.


Take a note from the world around you. As the seasons change so can what you are designing. As this season changes try something you never considered. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, another season of metamorphosis is just around the corner.

Utah Jazz - Blog

Regardless, the Jazz Had a Successful Season

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In May 2017, the Utah Jazz were just coming off a 4-game series sweep to the soon-to-be NBA Champion, Golden State Warriors. That was after the Utah franchise beat the Los Angeles Clippers in 7 games in the first round of the playoffs (their first appearance in 5 years). Now all of the focus was on all-star Gordon Hayward and if he would stay with the team. Fans found out on the 4thof the July that he was heading out to Boston to join his former college coach with the Celtics. With the delayed answer, the Jazz front office was left scrambling to salvage the damage that Hayward left the state of Utah.

Once the NBA draft came around, a lot of scouts and executives didn’t see any “Franchise” players that could come in and make a difference from day one. Then the Jazz traded their 24thpick in the first round to Denver for the 13thpick. The Nuggets (via the Jazz) selected guard Donovan Mitchell from Louisville. Not a lot of fans in the state were familiar with his game. The main thing that stood out was his defense, a rare thing to find in a rookie. A few weeks after the draft, the fans were treated to Donovan Mitchell’s impressive Summer League play. At the start of the season, Mitchell came in, took over, and didn’t stop. He broke many NBA rookie records as well as Jazz records–actually too many to name. The Jazz were bit by the injury bug and lost star center Rudy Gobert for two different stretches of the season.

By January 22nd, the Jazz had a 19-28 record and all hope was lost among the fanbase. Then came a bitter defeat to the Atlanta Hawks, whom had one of the worst records in the NBA. The Jazz had one streak of 11 games without a loss and another 9-game winning streak. They made themselves one of the hottest teams in the NBA and launched themselves in the 5thspot in the western conference. They finished the season 29-6 and an overall record of 48-34.

All of a sudden the Jazz had three members of their team nominated as finalists for end of season awards:

  1. Quin Snyder for Coach of the year
  2. Rudy Gobert for Defensive Player of the year
  3. Donovan Mitchell for Rookie of the year.

Regardless of what happens in this year’s playoffs, Jazz fans should be extremely excited for the future because of how young the team is and the bright future of Gobert and Mitchell. Come on, Mitchell is already averaging over 20 points per game in his first season! He and Rudy Gobert could become the next great duo that could go down in history as one of the greats. This tandem could keep the Jazz in the playoffs for many years to come just like the good ol’ days.

What Font Are You?

What Font Are You?

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While a strange question to ask, it may reflect or reveal something about your personality. When viewing an interesting use of a font, I appreciate good choices of typography in the design or logo. I can’t claim to “geek out” as many designers I know. Time and again I usually find myself asking the same questions about what I recognize. If I don’t recognize the font, I wonder about the choices made and the ‘why’. In that situation, I daydream about switching one font for another. In a way, it is like thinking about choices on a menu and wondering what dish might be the best choice.

Let’s start with a little quick history of typography. Type (as we observe it in modern times) has one general purpose: a standardization of written words with uniformly recognized characters. A typeface is a unique design of the letters and symbols; a group of similar fonts. A font is a specific style and weight. Typefaces are the family and fonts are the individuals.  Typefaces over time were developed to aid the person reading any printed materials with words. This mechanical development came to print the written word. Have you heard of Johannes Gutenberg? He invented the modern printing press during the Renaissance period. It changed how and what could be printed in a much quicker way than carving a single woodblock limited to a single page (the Chinese had been printing using woodblock technology since the Tang Dynasty). The benefit to ‘movable type’ was that carved letters could be assembled to form any words needed–this and they could be used again and again. Type foundries were created to carve, manufacture, and sell the letters carved into tiny squares of metal or wood. Today, it is all done by keystroke and words form just as fast as you can type each letter!

If I were a font which one might I be? It is interesting to ask yourself and really think about it (and I have many times since taking my first typography class in college). I am a rather plain and practical font, not fancy or gaudy, more to the simple and reserved status, clean yet refined. While I might say that I am in a distinct trade, I can fill the hats of many different needs. While I can be analytical, there is an artistic flipside to that. Given all those factors, I would come up with a short list. I would pick Helvetica. While not my favorite typeface, it is a practical reserve to always fall back on. It’s not very exciting, but it can be used to pull off some amazing things. Many company logos and signs on the street are made with it. And Helvetica Neue added several new weights to the family including light, thin, and ultra-light which work in high-end design.

I have enjoyed many sans-serif fonts throughout my design career. While Helvetica is a great one, some of my favorites include: Optima, Futura, and Raleway. I have recently gotten more into using Oswald and Proxima Nova, using them in things I have designed. Just like food, the right font in the right place can make something amazing! A font thrown at a wall to see how it sticks is just like a plate of food slapped against the wall. It’s probably not particularly appetizing.

Don’t have any idea what font you are? Not a problem! Go online and take a “what font am I” quiz (there are several) if you want to see how you might rank in the typographical world. You could also research and draw your own conclusions of what your personality or traits would “spell out” in a font form.



Find Good - Heart

Find the Good

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We live in a world driven by technology. It’s a wonderful time to be alive with the advancements made every day and opportunities available within arm’s reach. There is a hefty price to pay for that level of tech. There is so much information out there that can be accessed within just a few clicks of a button. Every day it amazes me how far we’ve come.

What’s the price for all of this? The price is the level of negativity spread on the daily. I refuse to watch or read the news because it is filled with stories of fear and terrible acts of violence occurring much too often. It makes me sad to hear that the ratings climb and climb the more crime they report on. It is easy to get an emotional response from something negative. The driving force here being higher ratings. I dare you to disagree that rating spikes can come from acts of kindness.

I have always thought that you are what you eat. That’s cliché, however, it is so much more than the initial sentiment. You are what you look for, you are what you think,  you are what surrounds you, etc.

It’s commonplace now to share, like, tweet, and tag negativity. Terrible stories happening thousands of miles away become a topic of discussion. Why? We have an opportunity every day to contribute to this game of life. Is it more valuable to contribute any way other than positively? I can promise you, there is so much good in the world! At the very least, there is the same amount of good as there is bad. You can make a choice as easy as what you’ll have for breakfast. Look for something good because–I promise–it’s out there. Share the good because we all need it. I challenge you to spend a day looking for nothing but positivity and acts of kindness. The mental commitment will start you off right. You will be amazed at how many positive, good, and humbling stories are happening all around you.

Why have we become so numb to this? Why has social media created such a large platform for negativity? Why have the media outlets made such an effort to broadcast garbage a majority of the time?

Open your heart. Tune out the false influence that says this world is so bad. It is not as bad as they portray. Now that you’re here, make a choice. Do you choose to let it be? Do you continue contributing to the negativity? Do you want joy and happiness? Do you want to be the difference? Set the standard and choose to seek good!

The follow through, on really making a dent for the better in your personal life, is to DO GOOD. Always look for the good and when able, be the good and good will find you. I promise you, there will be amazing results that will manifest when living a lifestyle centered around the good in our life.