At Fabrica Creative, we specialize in storytelling. It’s something that we do as humans, and it can be traced back thousands of years to ancestors who don’t even share the same species classification as us. To say that storytelling is something special is underselling it. Storytelling is, inherently and uniquely, human, and it is something that not only helps us understand our reality but shapes it as well.

How We Tell Stories

We all tell stories in different ways and at different rates, but none of us never tell stories (double negative — we know — but it’s the only way to say it). Whether you’re out with a friend, telling them about your most recent adventure or with coworkers chatting about your weekend, stories become integrated into the way that we associate with people and build the narrative of our own lives.

We often think of comedians when we think of master storytellers. Sure, Chris D’Elia is no James Joyce, but for quick, witty, punchy storytelling, guys like Chris are in the storytelling masterclass. They set up the plot, encourage the listener to engage, and then deliver the punchline. Often, people like Chris arc back to previous jokes or lines that hit home with a specific audience and use them to enhance their current anecdote. We aim to do the same thing with your brand.

Telling Your Story

Now, telling the story of your brand is significantly different than delivering a funny joke on stage at The Laugh Factory. Your language is different, your message is vastly dissimilar, and your business is nuanced. But the one thing that you have in common with Mr. D’Elia — possibly the most important thing — is engaging your audience.

This engagement can grow your business, entice new or prospective customers, and expand your reach as a company with a message to share.

Sharing With You

Recognizing how you can position your brand to have a story that reaches can take time, but at Fabrica Creative, we have work and success stories that say it all. Not only do we take the time to get to know our clients and their dreams, but we also become invested in sharing their voice as accurately and engagingly as possible. The words that we write and the stories that we share are authentic, and they stay true to who you are and how you want to be portrayed.

Let us tell your story online. Starting is simple: Call us or fill out our contact form. We’ll begin sharing your vision today.

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