Have you ever found yourself in a situation where reality didn’t meet your expectations? Maybe you visited a boring theme park that a friend had talked up, or maybe you went to an ice cream shop that didn’t have any flavors you like. In these situations, you, most likely, expected to enjoy yourself but, in reality, didn’t have fun at all. This is the expectation and reality disconnect.

Avoiding the Disconnect in Your Business

At Fabrica Creative, when we tell your brand’s story, we are mindful of the expectation and reality disconnect as it applies to your business. Our goal is to ensure that your brand relays the right messaging so that your customer sees your brand and knows exactly what you offer. We want them to feel confident with the goods or services that you supply — that’s why our work and recommendations are honest and accurate with powerful research to back them up. It’s part of our “Do Good for the Sake of Doing Good” we offer all of our client partners.

We promise to rail against misrepresentation and unguided portrayal of your brand.

Taking a Page Out of Their Books

At Fabrica Creative, we try to learn from what the best brands are doing. Take The Boring Company, for instance — Elon Musk’s subsidiary of SpaceX, known most commonly for the construction of the transportation tunnels that are meant to alleviate major traffic issues in Los Angeles and other areas in the United States. I bet you didn’t know, however, that this company also launched a product  “not a flamethrower” — that sold twenty thousand units!

Musk appeared on the Joe Rogan show and was honest with the audience about the realization of the flamethrower, stating,  that it was purely a roofing torch attached to a plastic air rifle casing. But because of that honesty… guess what?! People still bought it.

While you could attribute this success to Musk’s fame associated with any one of his ventures, like SpaceX or Tesla, we see this as a moment where Musk’s honesty left customers with an accurate expectation. An expectation that allowed the consumer to not be let down by the reality when their $500 flamethrower arrived to their house built from materials they could’ve put together themselves for much less.

An Honest Representation of Your Reality

If  you want to create expectations for your audience that match reality, Fabrica Creative is here to help you tell your brand’s story in a way that is honest, compelling, and, most importantly, allows your customers to really understand your business with the proper expectations. In a world overwhelmed with opinions, reviews and information, understanding the “expectations and reality disconnect” will allow your company to move into the future in confidence. For more information, call us today (801) 214-2104.

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